Tracktice at "ITS Regions" exhibition in Perm

At the annual exhibition and conference "ITS Regions" held in Perm / Tracktice , together with MTS and Perm-based IT-Centerservice , presented a promising system for monitoring and analyzing passenger traffic in real time. Tracktice passenger traffic counting equipment.Flow was installed for demonstration on one of the electric buses of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Permgorelectrotrans".
The system involves counting passenger traffic using cameras. It will automate the process of data collection and analysis to optimize the work of the transportation organizer, as well as increase the comfort of passenger movement. Unlike the existing sensors for calculating passenger traffic, the system has a lower error – at the level of 1-2%. In addition, the new solution will make it possible to "make friends" with each other the systems of fare payment, video surveillance and passenger traffic control.

The data from the cameras correlates with the number of registered trips and is transmitted directly to the controllers, which will help optimize their work. Based on the same data, it will be possible to generate traffic schedules in automatic mode, which will already be point-adjusted by specialists, if necessary. In addition, in the future, the system will allow passengers not only to track transport on the map, but also to assess its load, building the best travel option for themselves.

The solution is available for demonstration to our customers in other regions, just fill out the feedback form on the website