An intelligent and neural network video analytics platform capable of solving various tasks using computer vision technology
Platform features
Software in the Register of domestic software
The technology of the platform is based on neural network analytics of the video stream, which ensures accuracy of up to 99% in all weather conditions, under any lighting, with a large flow of objects
and non-standard scenarios
Real-time calculations without using servers
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Categorizing and tracking objects
Detection of all types of objects (people, objects, cars, etc.)
Cost-effective solution
Scalability without limits
Custom video Analytics scenarios
Tracktice City - is a special software for use in complexes of photo—video recording of administrative offenses. It includes the functions of monitoring violations of the rules of landscaping (paid parking, lawns), traffic regulations in terms of violations of parking and stopping rules, the correctness of the passage of intersections, recognition of accidents, exit to the oncoming lane and many others.
Tracktice Auto - is a special software designed to recognize state registration plates
and vehicle types, store and transfer processed data to external systems. The product can be used in conjunction with ACS, EPP and other AIS. Available as an SDK for any architecture.
Tracktice Flow - is a hardware and software complex for generating and processing information about passenger
traffic on urban and suburban passenger transport routes. Wide possibilities for connecting additional video analytics modules on transport.
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