Volgabus and Tracktice provided Chelyabinsk with modern passenger traffic counting systems

The Tracktice company, a leader in the field of passenger counting systems on public transport, has supplied passenger counting equipment kits for the city of Chelyabinsk for the leading manufacturer of bus equipment in Russia, Volgabus Holding. This will improve the efficiency and safety of transportation, as well as collect statistical data on passengers. The total number of vehicles equipped with modern passenger counting systems has exceeded 60 units - from an average capacity to especially large class cars. Most of them can already be found on the streets of the city.

The Tracktice passenger flow counting system is based on neural network video analytics, which recognizes people entering and exiting the bus using conventional video cameras installed in vehicles. The system does not violate the privacy of passengers and does not require the installation of additional sensors or turnstiles. The hardware and software complex and the Tracktice software are developed and manufactured in Russia, while surpassing foreign analogues both in terms of accuracy of calculation and in terms of the cost of the solution for the better. The advantages of the Tracktice passenger counting system include:
  • Increase ticket revenue by accurately tracking passengers and preventing abuse
  • Optimization of routes and schedules by analyzing demand and bus load
  • Improving the quality of passenger service through constant monitoring of passenger traffic
  • Reducing maintenance and operation costs by reducing wear and damage to equipment
  • Improving security by preventing conflict situations
The cooperation between Volgabus Group and Tracktice is an example of successful integration of innovative technologies into the domestic transport sector. The companies have combined their expertise and experience to offer the market a high-quality and affordable solution. The city of Chelyabinsk became one of the first in Russia to introduce the Tracktice passenger counting system on Volgabus buses. This will allow the city to increase its transport potential and improve the lives of citizens.